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A CFER program consists of three basic components. Classroom work is focused on developing functional skills in Language Arts, Mathematics and Social Studies again with the goal of promoting autonomy, engagement and productivity. A CFER also has a business component which is run as a business.

About Us

CFER Riverdale opened its doors in January 2007 with thirteen students from the Secondary III and IV levels of Riverdale High School.  The program had been in its development stages since the spring of 2006 when initial meetings were held with representatives of the Réseau québécois des CFER.

Our Program

All CFER businesses are built around some form of recycling. What is recycled varies from CFER to CFER. Some CFER’s recycle paint, others recycle building materials, others recycle rope and so forth. CFER Riverdale is building its project on the recycling of computer systems.

Our Mission

A CFER program has a threefold mandate: Develop autonomous students; produce engaged citizens; train productive workers.

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Centre de Formation en Entreprise et Récupération | Training and Recovery Business Centre
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The CFER Team


Our Mission


Our Program






Global Overall /Comprehensive Task


The teachers working in a CFER use a teaching approach that is called ‘Global Task’ or Team teaching, that is to say that a team of teachers support a group of students for their entire time in the CFER. The overall, team teaching task means involvement from and of everyone.  The teacher, although a specialist in discipline, is called to work together with colleagues working together in their respective subjects.

The teaching team organizes the distribution of subjects and time allocated based on student needs. This type of organization and team work ensures immediate corrective measure and positive feedback when needed.  In addition, it provides immediate response from the students.  Finally, this approach promotes the unity of the group.


To learn more:

La tâche globale: Le plaisir d’enseigner aux élèves en difficultés

http://www.mels.gouv.qc.ca/sections/PRPRS/index.asp?page=videos ( Video )




Newspapers, Binder, File Cards

The Newspaper


Reading the newspaper is a daily occurrence and it is either read by the students or by the teacher. The newspaper becomes a tool for knowledge of the society we live in, it opens the adult world we live in into which the students are about to enter. The newspaper is a workbook to make all kinds of activities depending on the program objectives, whether in French, Mathematics or Sciences. The students benefit from the enjoyment of reading daily. The teacher can then use the same daily reading to achieve a variety of exercises that meet the program objectives of the CFER program. It is improves the ability to read aloud, to summarize, search for information, find the meaning of certain words, distinguish between facts and opinions, explain Acronyms, abbreviations, , transcribe an article and give his/her opinion, comment on the news: all activities that are profitable and easily achievable with the newspaper.


The Binder

The binder is a methodological tool that provides an opportunity for students to sort and order their notes.  The binder is also an Educational tool with which teachers instill in the students order, discipline, cleanliness and accuracy. A tidy and organised binder is what students can and should be proud of.  It becomes a great source of pleasure and confidence to show parents, visitors, teachers and peers.

In addition, the link between Educational tools and tools that will be used in the dismantling rooms will be an easy one. The students will not see any difference between their work rooms and classrooms; it will provide the same rigor and will need the same efforts, in one as the other.


The File Cards


The file card system is very similar to the binder. However, it develops other skills in students. The ability to write as well as a form of very specific standards, classified according to various criteria (alphabetical nature of the word, gender, etc.), to find among many, the students learns  a great  sense of organization and autonomy.

The file card system allows students to expand their vocabulary.  At the same time, it fills an important gap in the majority of young people attending the CFER.  The daily return on this activity will provide students with the habit and will facilitate the task when it comes time to record his words and spelling.



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