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A CFER program consists of three basic components. Classroom work is focused on developing functional skills in Language Arts, Mathematics and Social Studies again with the goal of promoting autonomy, engagement and productivity. A CFER also has a business component which is run as a business.

About Us

CFER Riverdale opened its doors in January 2007 with thirteen students from the Secondary III and IV levels of Riverdale High School.  The program had been in its development stages since the spring of 2006 when initial meetings were held with representatives of the Réseau québécois des CFER.

Our Program

All CFER businesses are built around some form of recycling. What is recycled varies from CFER to CFER. Some CFER’s recycle paint, others recycle building materials, others recycle rope and so forth. CFER Riverdale is building its project on the recycling of computer systems.

Our Mission

A CFER program has a threefold mandate: Develop autonomous students; produce engaged citizens; train productive workers.

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Centre de Formation en Entreprise et Récupération | Training and Recovery Business Centre
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The CFER Team


Our Mission


Our Program





February 2015






November 2014


The GOAL Post

GOAL goes to the dogs

Please click here to read the article from LEARN's The Goal Post on how CFER Riverdale students converted an old television console into a dog bed.


November 2014

Artist Jimmy Baptiste gave a workshop to students on November 4 and returned on November 11to help CFER students get their art from paper to the game room wall. It was a long but fruitful day. The kids were really engaged and proud of their work. After the paintings are all finished, Jimmy will return one last time to help them pull the individual pictures into one large work.

For more information and additional pictures of this project, visit our Facebook page.

 Please click here for photos 



October 2014


At CFER we receive large bins full of discarded electronics and other materials which we upcyle. Recent projects include a TV Console-to-Dog-Bed and reinventing a wood pallet to the U.S. Flag.

For more information on this project, visit our Facebook page.

 Please click here for photos 




October 2014

CFER congratulates their Class of 2014 graduates!

 Please click here for photos 



September 2014

Give a kid a camera

We're giving the students an opportunity to use a camera during school events, stages and activities. We'll have a vernisage featuring their photos and their art, during our open house, later in the year.

 Please click here for photos




March 2014

Student artwork photos...Click here to view.


January 8, 2014

Mr. Alex Tyrrell, head of the Green Parti of Quebec, visited CFER Riverdale today. Here, Sonya Vann shows them the workshop, where our students were busy dismantling computers destined for recycling. Mr. Tyrrell, and Ms. Stevenson, recognize the global impact of electronic waste and came to CFER to see how local programs like ours can help make a difference.  


 Please click here for more photos 

This is what he had to say...
Aujourd'hui j'ai eu la chance de visiter l'école et les étudiants du CFER Riverdale.
Cette école se spécialise dans le recyclage de déchets électroniques et forme des étudiants qui ont de la difficulté à suivre des cours dans le programme traditionnel.
Les étudiants sont exposés au milieu de travail et sont instruits sur l'actualité, la politique, et les enjeux environnementaux.
Ce type de programme est essentiel non seulement pour l'industrie de recyclage d'électroniques québécois mais aussi pour le développement social de ces étudiants. Ce n'est pas tous les étudiants qui sont bien servis par les cours traditionnels, et ce type de programme devrait être mis de l'avant afin de combattre le décrochage scolaire.
Pour plus d'infos:
Ensemble pour un Québec UNI,
Alex Tyrrell
Chef du Parti vert du Québec




December 2013

The staff, students and Board of Directors would like to thank the many community partners that answered the call for Holiday Baskets for a number of our families.

With the help of Otis Grant and his Foundation we were able to receive donations from Banks, parents, coaches, hockey players, businesses and numerous other partners.  They all got together to make sure that families had great holidays. 

A great thank you to:

TD Canada Trust- Miss Laura Campanelli - Directrice, Service a la Clientele and staff, plus Miss. Fiona Benezra from the Monkland Ave. TD branch.

John Rennie  High School Juvenile Hockey Team- Manager Andrew Moors, Coach Gord Armstrong,  players and parents.

Miss. Lina Veleno and Coach Claude Francis from the Lac St. Louis Lions Bantam AAA Hockey team, players and parents.

Mr. Pat Haney, Coach of the Bantam CC West Island Royals, players and parents

Mrs. Pat Adams, Safak Eran-Tasker and Sami Fruits for their generous donations and Mrs. Lola Bourget for driving


Please click on images for larger view




May 2013

CFER Riverdale named as finalists in the Sustainable Development Category in the West Island of Montreal Chamber of Commerce Accolades 2013.

Please click here to visit their site for more information!




Congratulations to the CFER for winning 1st prize in the Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest for the Montreal Region. The entry into the annual contest that promotes the entrepreneurial spirit was based on the concept of extending the services of CFER and its capacity to recycle electronics to the general community as part of Riverdale High School's annual Family Fun Day on Saturday, May 25th from 11-3. In addition to their certificate and educational software, they also won a $400.00 bursary. CFER will now go on to the Provincial level in Quebec City on June 19 to compete against 16 other regions in the category of Adapted Education.
Congratulations to all the CFER students.







February 2013

Riverdale work-study program gives students, electronics new lease on life. Please click on the image below to read the full article in The Chronicle.






CFER Riverdale receives government accreditation as green recyclers. Please click on the image below to read the full article in The West End Times.




January 2013

The CFER Riverdale logo as painted by CFER students as part of an ongoing art project.

Please visit the photo gallery for pictures of the process.




November 2012

Check out our Movember photos!

CFER is now mobile!

In November, a truck was delivered to CFER, enabling us to be more mobile for pick-ups.

October 2012

The Board of Directors of the CFER Riverdale created the Joseph Keane award to honour one of it founding members and a now retired teacher.
The Joseph Keane Award is awarded to a CFER Riverdale student who has successfully finished the CFER program and has exemplified the CFER values, Autonomy, Respect, Rigor, Effort and Engagement. 
The name of the first recipient is: 
Thanh Nguyen






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